Our Services

Creative & UI/UX

Design - a broad, very vague and abstract notion. Our concepts tell the user, your history, using the simplest but effective visual techniques of their interaction with your product.

Smart Automation

Smart Automation - represents the frontier at which the technological progress is moving at least the last ten years. We create business process automation solutions in all their complexity, using AI and intelligent automation at the same time using BOTS and ROBOTIC PROCESS AUTOMATION (RPA) in combination with the good practices of SOFTWARE ENGINEERING as MICROSERVICES and APIs.

Mobile and IoT

As we move to the Internet of Things (IoT) era, the number of smart mobile devices and interconnected, it is constantly growing. Thus, the volume of data to be processed becomes ever faster. We create and develop applications that approach a complete data management, creating commercial value from them.

Blockchain Engineering

Blockchain technology revolutionizes notions such as exchange of values, documents or money; allows users to exchange data and / or values directly without intermediaries. We create and develop innovative Blockchain solutions - token design, wallet design, asset management, payment solutions, technical support.