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What do you think about the huge dilemma between smart work and hard work?
Hard work - it is something that helps you overcome problems and difficulties to achieve the goals and goals you want.
Smart work - directs your hard work on the right path, helps you adapt your strategies and resources so that you can reach your goals and objectives in the shortest time possible.
So, smart work is very important but working smart is quite difficult.
ZIGZAG team believe that any form of work essentially takes us to the next level of success, but if you want to create something you need knowledge, but to gain knowledge you have to do some hard work. We are not afraid to try new things and we're up to new strategies. Always ready for new challenges, do not hesitate to contact us with questions or ask our advice!

stefan popa

Stefan Popa

CEO, founder, full-stack developer
tudor andreev

Tudor Andreev

CDO, UI/UX designer
mihai bondarenco

Mihai Bondarenco

CTO, blockchain architect, developer
gheorghe bezer

Viorel Sinegur

Analyst, Senior backend developer
gheorghe bezer

Timur Palii

Full-stack developer
gheorghe bezer

Gheorghe Bezer

Junior frontend developer